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Welcome to the future of dentistry with Plover, a revolutionary platform designed to elevate your practice to new heights. Our cutting-edge features are crafted to:

Enhance Efficiency
Increase Patient Satisfaction
Increase Patient Retention

How Plover works

Patient Scans


The patients utilizes the Plover intraoral camera to capture high-quality videos of their teeth.

Upload & Review


Effortlessly assess patient-captured intraoral videos through Plover's user-friendly interface, complete with a timestamp bar, streamlining the initiation of the reporting process for a seamless and efficient experience.

Effortless Reporting


The patients utilizes the Plover intraoral camera to capture high-quality videos of their teeth.

Connect with your Patients


Easily talk to your patient via chat or video calling anytime anywhere

Shaping Smiles, Changing Lives
Dentistry Redefined

Plover, a groundbreaking platform, enables patients to remotely showcase their oral health using an intraoral camera, facilitating at-home oral health assessments. Doctors utilize the captured data to generate comprehensive reports, providing timely feedback and assisting patients in scheduling necessary dental visits for optimal treatment.

Why Choose Plover?

Engaging Patients Visually

Improve patient communication through visual engagement with intraoral images for a comprehensive understanding of their dental health.


Experience a revolutionary teledentistry platform for seamless follow-ups and notifications, ensuring patients receive precise and personalized care.

Insightful Digital Dentistry

Embrace data-driven digital dentistry to gain deeper insights into customer needs, enhancing personalized care and improving patient retention.

Benefits for your Dental Practice

Enhance Efficiency

Streamline your workflow with easy report-making and efficient patient communication.

Boost Patient Retention

Utilize Plover to reduce no-shows, increase retention by 30%, and enhance referral opportunities, leading to a 20% increase in sales.

Enhance Patient Experience

Provide a seamless and personalized experience that resonates with your patients.

Experience Plover:

Dentistry redefined with Precision

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