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The smart way to schedule and QR check-in your dental appointments.

contactless scheduling and check-ins in



Scan the QR Code and add us on LINE


Schedule your Appointment from our menu


Check in the clinic by scanning your QR Code.

why choose us?

free of charge

Use Beforedent scheduling and QR check-ins for free

no time restrictions

Scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling appointments can be a hassle. Beforedent allows you to effortlessly manage your appointments anytime anywhere.

special promotions

Receive special promotions from your dental clinic through our messenger.

easy to use with LINE

No need to download a new app to use our service. Simply add us on LINE and improve your dental appointment experience

seamless check-ins

Skip the paperwork at the clinic and simply scan your QR Code to check in

add us on line

and start using our services for free

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