Plover Smart Oral Tracker


Plover is a smart oral tracker designed to enable you to track and monitor your oral health effectively. It connects to an AI-powered app that helps you scan, analyze, and provides you with a comprehensive report on your oral health. Invest in Plover today and enjoy a future of radiant smiles.

Plover Smart Oral Tracker
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Meet Plover
The first smart oral tracker in the world that helps you understand and improve your oral health.
AI-Powered Oral Health Analysis
Plover uses AI to show and analyze your oral health health, providing insights into your oral health right at home.
Personalized Oral Health Reports
Receive customized advice and tips from Plover after each analysis to improve your oral care.
Progress Monitoring and Tracking
With Plover, you can easily track your oral health progress and see improvements over time.

How it Works


Connect Plover to your device


Scan your teeth following our guide


Get a comprehensive report to improve your oral health.

Your Health. Your Way

Get plover and don’t let dental issues get in the way of your lifestyle.

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